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Now that you have completed your serialization implementation and compliant with the regulations, itís time to leverage your investments to monitor and optimize your production and your warehouse operations.

Serialization give you an incredible amount of real time data at any level: line, plant and company. All this information is a goldmine! The OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is the gold standard for measuring the performance, enabling you to achieve strategic insights on how to improve processes.


How can the OEE information be used to bring your company to a higher level of efficiency? Take advantage of serialization data with Avionics!


It’s time to leverage your investments beyond the Overall Equipment Effectiveness!

Pilot your lines and equipment to achieve the best performance possible with AVionics!


AVionics is the comprehensive tool designed to monitor the production efficiency and performances of your line in real time. AVionics collects and monitors information coming from all lines: current status of production, instant and cumulated speed, overall equipment efficiency, camera performances, percentage of batch progression to complete the order.


A dashboard to live-monitor performances from lines, plants, up to corporate level. Line managers can monitor the status of the line in real time: are they running? Are they ready to start? Why have they stopped?


Monitoring performances data from each line gives plant managers the complete pictures of the entire situation, enabling appropriate and timely actions. Analysis of the production data history allows for better planning of future activities. AVionics has zero impact on your existing serialization platform and does not affect the validation procedures and the performance of your current systems. Now your Equipment Efficiency is under control!


Smart data management helps you improve factory operations: let’s move from big data to smart data with AVionics!