Antares Vision
Living technology
for a healthier and a safer world
About Us
Antares Vision Company: vision control systems and traceability solutions for the pharmaceutical packaging security
Founded just in 2007, Antares Vision has rapidly become the leading global provider of serialization and high performance inspection systems and machines.
Our team of professionals, managers and specialized workforce designs, manufactures, installs and maintains innovative, highly effective, mission critical systems for the most demanding customers in the world.
The Antares systems are installed either stand-alone or integrated in the most prestigious and high-performance third party machinery. 
Over 1100 production lines in more than 170 pharmaceutical plants have been equipped with our proven turnkey solutions for serialization and aggregation, producing over 5 billion SKUs serialized, aggregated, shipped and notified worldwide.
More than 20,000 inspection cameras ensure every day the safety of the primary and secondary packaging process in production lines, where performance and business continuity is a must.
Leading the complete process of protecting the products throughout their life-cycle, Antares Vision delivers the most comprehensive and scalable global solution in inspection systems, track & trace and smart data management. Driven by competence, energy and passion, we have fun in providing innovative technologies and developing strong partnerships with our customers to co-create added value.
Living technology for a healthier and a safer world.