Antares Vision
Living technology
for a healthier and a safer world
Antares Vision: solutions ready for Medical Devices

Antares Vision developed innovative solutions for total packaging and supply chain control of medical devices, to guarantee consumer safety.

Leader in tracking and inspection systems for the most demanding sectors, Antares Vision spends its expertise and technology for the tracking of products throughout the supply chain and systems for complete container and label inspection.



The system effectively controls the packed articles with respect to the product, the label and the printing.


Supported by a wide range of camera models, Antares Vision controls span from the traditional barcode and OCR/OCV verification of variable data such as expiry date and lot number, to the complete inspection of the packaging and related products, up to the reporting to regulatory authorities.


The solutions include vision cameras, dedicated software suites and user-friendly touchscreen HMIs, complying with FDA 21 CFR part 11.


An advanced after-sales service and specialized training courses complete the offer of Antares Vision.


High performance image processors

High-resolution and high-speed imaging must cope with state-of-the-art processing technology. Antares Vision developed proprietary embedded technologies for image processing based on a real-time operating system and parallel computing for the most demanding applications.






-        Modular solution, tailored to your needs


-        Single ownership of solution


-        Easy integration on existing and new machines


-        Seamless integration with any IT architecture


-        Secure data exchange with governmental authorities


-        Readiness for future regulatory requirements


-        Global after-sales service support