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Keeping pharma operations on track


ATS - Antares Tracking System is the complete software suite to manage track and trace/ e-Pedigree of drug packages.

ATS has already proven its functionality and efficiency in over 170 plants (December 31th 2016), fulfilling all the regulations enforced so far (Turkish, Korea, Argentina, China, etc.) and serializing and aggregating over 5 billions of SKUs.

Flexibility, scalability and consistency are the key points of ATS: serial numbers can be generated in randomic, serialized randomic or incremental, or can imported from external sources (ie. MES, ERP, corporate repositories). Lines can be easily configured to work according to the different regulations and level of aggregation required by the single work order (ie. non serialized, serialized only, bundle + case + pallet, etc.)

The typical exceptions such as reworking of damaged cartons, partially filled bundles or cases, are managed in an easy and efficient way, thus maximizing line OEE. At line level, the ATS software modules are implemented on real-time hardware platforms that ensure perfect data synchronization with packaging machines even at the highest throughput.

The consistency of the full track and trace data flow and storing is guaranteed in any condition, as the local DB is continuously mirrored to the plant DB and all devices are under UPS: however, should any device fail on the line, the overall batch data is guaranteed at the last synchronization (typically less than 2 seconds). Scalability is intrinsically assured by the modular structure of ATS: new regulations emerging in time can be simply added to the existing structure, minimizing installation and validation times and efforts.

Full warehouse operations are enabled through the WTS - Warehouse Tracking System module, performing efficient decommissioning, recommissioning and shipment operations, seamlessly interacting with the plant managers, repositories and the existing WMS systems.






A long track of success


ATS is operational in more than 1100 lines all over Europe, U.S.A, South America and Asia, supporting either serialization and aggregation functions both for cartons and bottles and responding to all enforced regulations. Antares turnkey solutions includes also:

• 5 compact models of serialization modules to meet all requirements of your production lines with optional checweighing, labeling and tamper evident seal.

• a high performance ink jet or laser printing system, to obtain unrivalled print quality and contrast.

• integration of full RFID serialization and aggregation technologies available on request.

• solutions spanning from automatic aggregation to semi-automatic machines (as the Antares Matrix Station family and the Array Station) as well as manual machines are available depending on line configuration and production requirements.

• local support with a worldwide presence with 7 company locations and 30 sales & service partnered companies.

Strategically based, we offer development and operations support to give a real business value, by means of a qualified technical service from cost effective locations around the world.