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Antares @ Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling Summit 2013

26 - 28 June, 2013 - Ramada Plaza Basel Hotel & Conference Center , Basel, Switzerland

Antares Vision will be speaker during the annual Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling Summit 2013, together with the global leaders from across the field to thrash out the core challenges facing the industry today.
Expert speakers will get cutting edge insight into the latest solutions and best practices for:
  • Implementing track and trace and serialisation across multiple geographic jurisdictions where strict regulatory requirements differ
  • Effectively preparing for the falsified medicines directive
  • Preventing counterfeit and ensuring tamper prevention
  • Capitalising on artwork capabilities and dealing with the growing complexity while continuing to maximise efficiency
  • Cost-effectively implementing methods to improve patient compliance
  • Ensuring effective text management to maximise efficiency while maintaining the highest standards
  • Analysing the latest developments in cost effective “green” packaging and technology.
Antares speech will be on the 27th at 2.30 pm.
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