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08 November 2019


We are collecting all the inputs and the enquiries from several end-users, today in new markets and applications thanks to the latest diversification of our manufacturing portfolio.

Antares Vision is working in conjunction with several universities and research centers to evaluate the most advanced technology in terms of sensor, vision, quality inspection, as well as IoT, Artificial Intelligence and data analysis. The main purpose of this innovation is to transfer research into a stable process on a production line, meeting the requirements and the cycle time of the industry. We are collecting all the inputs and the enquiries from several end-users, today in new markets and applications thanks to the latest diversification of our manufacturing portfolio.


In fact, the consolidated experience in Pharma is allowing us to offer an original and breakthrough value proposition. We are therefore scouting the best solution, which may be already available, or it’s a combination of different technologies, or it needs to be developed from green field using the most advanced instruments, laboratories and knowledge which are currently available in several universities, centers and institutions.

The main area of interest is today the agri-food sector, tracking across the supply chain, to the final consumer, giving the end user the full visibility on the history and genuineness of the product from the field to the fork. Some of the latest research has been carried out together with the University of Brescia, with both the Faculties of Engineering and of Medicine, specifically with two departments of excellence recognized as such by the Italian Ministry of Education: the Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine, and the Department of Information.


Another research is based on the detection of a foreign body and the quality inspection in food industry, for example inside a chocolate spread or a bakery dough. There has also been research and innovation paths to detect the active principle inside a blister full of drugs. Now, these are under consideration with the University of Parma and the Catholic University in Piacenza and Cremona (within the Italian Food Valley), as well as the CNR, the Italian National Research Center.


For the next three years of the Master’s degree course in Mathematics, in the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Catholic University of Brescia, Antares Vision will sponsor a "Machine Learning" course, one of the few university courses of this type in Italy. The strategy is consistent with a journey dedicated to Artificial Intelligence that began two years ago. We design and then apply generative algorithms in the production lines capable of developing new strategies for optimizing the industrial workflow. Our research also extends to the hardware sector, mainly for the creation of new accelerators, ideal for the calculation of neural networks, as well as for optimal Cluster Computing and Cloud solutions for activities that require the use of massive calculations.


From object detection, image classification, OCR, Optical Character Reading: there are many applications. The target is to overcome the classical approaches, for example by using «unsupervised training» to reduce data classification costs and training times and supporting the training phase also through the immense computing power available today on the Cloud.


The future Antares Vision application under development will be dedicated not only to computer vision, but also to the analysis and correlation between structured data, for predictive maintenance, detection and analysis of deviations, detection and analysis of anomalies and historical series (the so-called "time series"), etc. The opportunity in which these applications can be used is endless.


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