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Aggregation Without Hesitation!
Aggregation Without Hesitation!

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26 March 2020

Aggregation Without Hesitation!

Aggregation builds valuable links between units and full cases of products, documenting the packaging process and accurately informing any subsequent handlers.

Consumer demand for trustworthy and safe products continues to drive the need for traceability and transparency. Aggregation is the logical next step for full product traceability to complement serialization on all pharmaceutical products in the supply chain, combining to provide comprehensive, seamless traceability!


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During aggregation, identification information concerning a case of products is collected and added to at each step of the supply chain journey. Starting at the packaging stage, each individual product receives its own unique serial number before being placed with other serialized units into a case, which in turn is assigned a group number. Depending on the shipment’s journey, this parent-child coding system can be continued, with numbers assigned to pallets and further identification established.

Aggregation Without Hesitation

Due to the high rate of counterfeiting that is plaguing the pharmaceutical industry worldwide, aggregation is expected to expand to all countries in the years to come which is not surprising considering aggregation’s ability to verify authentic products with essentially one glance. Cases using an aggregated system can be identified by their exterior parent numbers, allowing product receivers to scan one code to identify the entire shipment. Also, should a recall occur, aggregation can assist in determining the exact units in question and flag them for disposal. This limits product waste, for which costs can be so high as to exceed the investment of implementing aggregation.

Moreover, aggregation allows opportunities to enhance efficiency on production lines and distribution chains and tightens brand owner authority over downstream distribution entities including repackaging, 3PLs and wholesalers handling products. The process helps to simplify inventories and cycle counting, streamlining operations and shortening downtime between each stage of the supply chain. Scanning one number takes guesswork and time out of the logging process, minimizing the number of units that must be hand counted.


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