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Brand Protection, People Protection
Brand Protection, People Protection

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02 April 2020

Brand Protection, People Protection

Counterfeiting does not simply mean a few people are making money as an isolated black-market venture. Discover why brand protection can avoid possible severe impacts on the market.

We currently find ourselves in very challenging times with an unprecedented impact upon global citizens health and wellbeing. During these times, we must get used to a new normal, part of which is an extremely strained global supply chain as the unknown compels many to panic buy products to ensure continuity of our usual household routines.


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Unfortunately, this situation also stimulates what is already a vastly expansive industry of illicit trade. The World Health Organisation, along with the International Chamber of Commerce has stated the impact of illicit trade and is valued at $1.7 trillion and is expected to rise to $4.2 trillion by 2022. In fact, if Illicit trade were a country it would be the 10th largest economy in the world!

Brand Protection, People Protection

In a period where consumers struggle to get hold of what they want, this is a breeding ground for the introduction of counterfeit products into supply chains, along with diversion of legitimate goods from one territory to another. This exacerbates what is already a huge commercial issue for both brands and international governments alike. The impacts of counterfeit and diversion are widespread, as it impacts on citizens health in sectors such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics and tobacco, but also significantly impacts brands of all industries in the reduction of genuine revenues and excise duty to governments - the duty which provides funding for such important state services as health and welfare, amenities, emergency services and so on.

Illicit trade therefore is an epidemic akin to our current viral pandemic, where the problem is widespread, and we don’t know where it starts or whom is impacted most. What we do know though, is that it knows no borders and impacts all of us at some stage in our lives.

This is how Antares Vision exercises our global mission of ensuring we protect citizens health by positioning ourselves as the global partner of choice to international brands and global governments as guardians of authentic products for revenue and citizen protection. In providing the most comprehensive set of products, solutions and services for tracking and tracing from raw materials into the hands of the consumer, we can ensure the right product is in the right place, producing the right revenues for genuine companies and providing governments with much needed funding.

In conjunction with track & trace is the introduction of authentication technologies, to ensure each product is identifiable as genuine, ranging from security printed features, holography, taggants and security inks, to chip technology in RFID and NFC to provide consumers and authorities to purchase with confidence. In developing new partnerships with authentication innovators, Antares Vision provides the best in class brand protection platform to global businesses for a brighter future.


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