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New Strategic Acquisition: Welcome Tradeticity
New Strategic Acquisition: Welcome Tradeticity

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27 April 2020

New Strategic Acquisition: Welcome Tradeticity

Founded in Zagreb in 2017, Tradeticity has consolidated expertise and market shares in the pharmaceutical sector, operating on both the domestic market and internationally.

Significant support in implementing the portfolio of Antares Vision software solutions and contributing to the development of a wide range of serialization and data integration solutions. This is the context of the acquisition of 82.83% of Tradeticity d.o.o. (S.r.l., ed.) by Antares Vision.


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In the words of Emidio Zorzella, “This transaction is part of a strategy to strengthen internal resources for the development of traceability and serialization software solutions, dedicated to all the various players in the pharmaceutical supply chain (distributors, CMOs, 3PLs, etc.), up to the regulatory bodies, thereby enhancing data management and interconnection. This transaction allows us to extend our geographical presence to Eastern Europe, increase market penetration through the company’s consolidated customer base and sales force and boost the development and implementation of tracking solutions.”

Tradeticity Agreement

Founded in Zagreb (Croatia) in 2017 Tradeticity d.o.o is specialized in the software management of advanced traceability processes (serialization). It has consolidated expertise and market shares in the pharmaceutical industry, operating on both the domestic and international market.

“We are proud and pleased to see that our vision, with our unique mix of experience and skills in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in the development of tracking software and our ongoing commitment to quality, have been recognized by Antares Vision, the market leader”, commented Lidija Pozaić, CEO of Tradeticity. “From now on, we will also be a part of this large family and I am sure that we will be able to make an important contribution and take full advantage of this partnership. We are excited about the new opportunities and potential opening up to us, allowing us to rapidly and seamlessly integrate, consequently resulting in a quick time to market”.


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