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We’re starting over, with ideas!
We’re starting over, with ideas!

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06 May 2020

We’re starting over, with ideas!

The possibilities offered by technology can contribute towards improving quality of life, the productivity of undertakings, the efficiency of the transport system.

The past few weeks have been complicated, but it’s at precisely these times that creativity can help bring us together - even if we’re isolated at home. Creativity can be a very powerful tool of reaction and rebirth.


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Hence the “Call for Ideas” that we launched at the end of March, asking Orobix and Antares Vision employees to take a stab at conceiving innovative services based on data and AI. Services targeting the health and well-being of citizens, cornerstones of the future smart cities that will use the possibilities offered by technology to improve quality of life, the productivity of undertakings and the efficiency of the transport system.

Call for Ideas

Services that transform data, originating from biometric and environmental sensors to smart actions that ease daily routines, help manage chronic illnesses as well as encourage active prevention through correct nutrition and adequate physical exercise.

The 36 proposals presented focus on these subjects, bringing together scientific knowledge and social aspects, suggesting the use of AI algorithms for the implementation of truly made-to-measure services, created based on the specific data of the user and enhanced by the collective experience of the rest of the population.

The participants’ vote went to an idea on how to monitor sleep for the prevention of respiratory disorders, conceived by Federica Moretti, Data Scientist at Orobix, while the jury’s award for the most visionary idea went to Federico Gemmi, Field Engineer at Antares Vision, who suggested a system for the creation of a virtual map of the distance between people based on non-physical parameters, such as emotional state.

Aside from the final outcome of the contest, we are left with the awareness that innovation and the cultivation of ideas in our undertakings is the only way to remain competitive, and that the only road to recovery, at this time of profound change, is through ideas and the people who are enthusiastic about revising their own convictions.


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