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Let’s Focus on Safety with TrackMyHealth
Let’s Focus on Safety with TrackMyHealth

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03 June 2020

Let’s Focus on Safety with TrackMyHealth

Once more, technology offers precious help for a long-term “vision” that aims to look beyond the present to predict future needs.

Whether industrial, commercial, tourist, recreational, etc. activities will resume following the COVID-19 emergency depends on compliance with rules of behaviour and checks that may remain in place for quite a while.


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Here is a reminder of some of the requirements that must be fulfilled:

  • mandatory measurement of body temperature;
  • respecting the safety distance;
  • obligation to wear a mask;
  • imposition of quotas for access to common spaces and possible ban of external visitors;
  • maximum number of persons per office or workspace;
  • maximum number of persons in elevators;
  • identification of personnel tasked with monitoring;
  • processing of personal data, in compliance with the regulatory framework on Privacy;
  • definition of adequate security and organisation measures for data protection;
  • identification of persons tasked with data processing.
Track My Health Coronavirus

Should the contagion be considered an accident at work, companies could be subject to heavy criminal and administrative sanctions, while work activities would be suspended for an extended period of time. Hence the need to invest in the structural upgrade of security systems, in the creation of truly effective and automated procedures, and in systems that can attest that the rules are applied every day and that compliance with such rules is guaranteed. In this context, technology offers precious help for a long-term “vision” that aims to look beyond the present to predict future needs.


The security system for health and protection must be comprehensive, automatic, with constant monitoring, and prioritise the digitalisation and automation of control processes; professional structures that specialise in monitoring services must be authorised to control alarms and irregularities.
This is where access portals like TrackMyHealth, developed by Antares Vision in collaboration with Vigilate (a company that specialises in the production of technological products and image analysis software) come into play, as the perfect solution.
True electronic stewards, they employ a cross-technological approach, combining modular hardware and software, as well as being scalable and able to interface with existing monitoring and control systems.


As a matter of fact, the main objective of TrackMyHealth is to automate the operations required to:


  1. Measure body temperature
  2. Control the presence of Personal Protective Equipment
  3. Record access operations (including queue control)
  4. Read identification badges/cards or Bluetooth certificates
  5. Count entrances and guarantee that only one person can pass through the portal at any given time
  6. Link via video-intercom to a remote assistance operation centre
  7. Regulate access through a traffic lights system/visual indicator
  8. Prevent people from overriding the portal
  9. Interface with the turnstile/gate


The portal, however, cannot be separated from a supervision and control software platform, so-called PSIM (Physical Security Information Management), for the management of physical safety devices, intended to certify each individual access and register all irregularities (alarms), in order to record their proper management in a dedicated file. The system can automatically create alarm events, showing the location of the alarm on a graphic map and through static images or live recordings. Moreover, it integrates all devices that form the solution, foreseeing their management also through Apps for Mobile devices, ideally in a “Plug&Play” configuration: it is thus compatible with the existing hardware and software architecture that is remotely controlled in the cloud or on-site.

Any future solutions must, therefore:

  • Adopt a new security model, a new control paradigm able to handle any new emergencies
  • Prioritise an automatic solution that certifies and guarantees constant control of entrances without the need to have an operator on-site.
  • Manage control devices from a single station, also remotely, for example from the surveillance service operation centre
  • Have functionalities enhanced by Artificial Intelligence systems, developed with deep-learning technologies, also for a system that checks that the distance between individuals is maintained, through video analysis of the images recorded by the video cameras placed in the areas concerned
  • Have scalable solutions to adapt to specific requirements that can be integrated with existing PSIM security management platforms
  • Have an SDK so that the data can be supplemented with other software applications, such as ERP or CRM
  • Process the data in compliance with the GDPR

TrackMyHealth meets all these criteria.
If you would like to have more information, visit TrackMyHealth web page.


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