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AVIONICS, how to empower the future with a data intelligence landscape
AVIONICS, how to empower the future with a data intelligence landscape

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05 June 2020

AVIONICS, how to empower the future with a data intelligence landscape

Real-time analytics provide real time insights for the benefit of any automated production

Nowadays, production processes, whether in food, pharma or automotive, have the ability to empower existing solutions by means of data management. The way we unify and manage massive amounts of data is the key to optimized manufacturing


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From the outset of the value chain, identifiable raw materials can be tracked from the point of harvest until they reach manufacturing companies, brand owners or CMOs.
These materials may not only be tracked right back to their origin, but also as to who packed and shipped specific consignments – pinpointing exact moments of time.

AVIONICS Data-Driven Production

How can this be achieved? Through structured data collection.

Unveiling the root of the problem instantly, thanks to the new capabilities of digital innovation, can mean instantaneous responses which not only raise productivity exponentially over the course of the production itself, but also allows manufacturing companies to predict maintenance activities and probable events before they even occur.
90% of all problems with production equipment is a result of software malfunctions – which simply means unprocessed data.
Acquiring, structuring and processing of smart data with a management tool not only declines that percentage, but it also enables to flag (none-)duly machine maintenance at no extra cost with the initial provider.


The AVIONICS Landscape is our Smart Data Management tool that guarantees an operational excellence with a built-in connectivity, to communicate with any manufacturing machine and component, paired with a continuous software improvement that relies on Artificial Intelligence and ensures accessibility of information up to the enterprise level.


The new refined AVIONICS Landscape targets each area of the production process for accurate data utilization that’s organized by module, allowing improved:

  • Management - Control and optimize the entire production process from the line or from the control room, with centralized storage of recipes
  • Performance - Monitor process performance and KPI’s at line, plant and corporate level
  • Quality – Verify quality production data with statistical process control on quality measure and process variability
  • Maintenance - Prompt predictive and preventive maintenance of your systems
  • Sustainability - Save consumption and reduce waste for improved ROI as well as document and improve the environmental profile of the product


The demand is here, and the future is now. Ensuring effective data management allows fast decision making and maximizes efficiency within the production environment.
This is Industry 4.0 and the era of smart production.


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