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Antares Vision gives the go-ahead to “Solidarity Holidays” for its Employees
Antares Vision gives the go-ahead to “Solidarity Holidays” for its Employees

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13 July 2020

Antares Vision gives the go-ahead to “Solidarity Holidays” for its Employees

Massimo Bonardi: “A heartfelt thanks to the employees who have decided to donate their holidays to those experiencing hardship”

Antares Vision takes a major step to support its employees, at a time when companies are grappling with the challenge of restarting in the wake of the COVID-19 emergency. Without prejudice to the legislation already in force both at a national level and under the reference National Labour Collective Agreement (CCNL), the Italian multinational has recently endorsed the Solidarity Holidays initiative, aimed at those employees who have used all their holiday and paid leave, and may not request more leave nor apply for any other type of social welfare provisions.

Through an anonymous survey conducted in compliance with GDPR rules and addressed to the whole company population, the Brescia-based company’s Management was able to ascertain the availability of the vast majority of its employees to donate holiday hours (“Solidarity holidays”) for free and on a voluntary basis to colleagues who need to assist children under the age of 12, or elderly parents in need of constant care, but also to those who perform jobs that cannot be done remotely, or are in a situation of serious need, such as to make it impossible for them to perform their work tasks.

Solidarity Holidays

The Human Resource Department collected the equivalent of around 330 days of leave. Subsequently, the Management added 4 additional hours paid leave for every 8 hours donated by the workers, so as to increase the donated holidays by a further 50%, for a total of approximately 490 full holidays to be donated to any employee applying for them. The bonus is already active and can be used until August 31, 2020.


“We wish to thank our employees for their involvement and extend our gratitude to all those who have decided to donate their holidays to their colleagues experiencing hardship – these were the words of Emidio Zorzella, CEO of Antares Vision –. The donated holidays will be intended to support colleagues experiencing challenges as a result of the current scenario. We are experiencing a very intense, peculiar period, and for this reason we are even more urged to seek ways to protect our people. Leveraging the suggestions of some of our colleagues, we thought this was an extremely useful, tangible tool to meet our employees’ needs”.



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