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Track My Way: The more we know, the Safer we feel
Track My Way: The more we know, the Safer we feel

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05 October 2020

Track My Way: The more we know, the Safer we feel

An innovative platform for all markets seeking comprehensive product traceability

The ever-evolving digital transformation is now firmly ingrained in our lives, revolutionizing the way we communicate and interact. Commercially, electronic and information systems have provided end users with new tools both at the point of sale and post-purchase.


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One result has been increased consumer discernment as customers take advantage of previously unavailable information to consider what products truly fit their specific needs. Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the origins of ingredients, fair wage practices and sustainability within the supply chain, and the various quality control tactics that help ensure a product’s safety, efficacy, or authenticity.

Track My Way - Product Traceability

Making this information available to customers has helped brands build trust and loyalty – a means of connecting with customers that creates staying power.


More than any other device, smartphones have generated new ways to read, receive and communicate information. Savvy brand owners in forward-thinking industries are responding with innovative ways to give customers transparent insight into their products’ journey, including sustainability and quality control from origin to the store shelf. 


Leaning on decades of traceability expertise, Antares Vision has introduced an innovative product portfolio offering 360-degree supply chain traceability and transparency, with a special nod to quality assurance.  Track My Way is a platform designed for high-value products in Food & Beverage, Cosmetic, Luxury and other sectors where customer reassurance is paramount.


Track My Way is a modular, flexible traceability platform that provides brand owners access to a centralized console. The multi-faceted solution allows brand owners to manage supply chain traceability, quality control data and other brand protection indicators, geo-localization, and various aspects of consumer engagement, to provide purchasers a product quality guarantee.


In the next edition, we will share more details about the Track My Way platform...stay tuned!


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