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Antares Vision invests in the future with Università Cattolica
Antares Vision invests in the future with Università Cattolica

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13 October 2020

Antares Vision invests in the future with Università Cattolica

"We believe it is important to promote a culture that values young talents and offers them stimuli that can help them to reflect in a concrete way on their professional future".

Antares Vision renews its support to future generations of professionals through the promotion, at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Brescia, of teaching in Machine Learning (strongly desired for the academic year 2019/2020 and proposed again in the second quarter of this year) in the three-year degree course in Mathematics (Computer Science curriculum) and through the support to the new path in "Physics for Technologies and Innovation" of the Master's degree in Physics, active in the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences.


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In particular, the Physics for Technology and Innovation course is delivered in English and is built on solid scientific/technological knowledge in the field of physics and a wide range of courses in the disciplines of Innovation Management and Data Science.

Università Cattolica and AV machine learning class

"In an era of profound digital transformation where artificial intelligence plays a fundamental role, one can try to summarize such an abused term in a formula: the result of Big Data + Machine Learning - says Alberto Albertini, Technology Scouting & Innovation Center Director of Antares Vision -. The combined effect of machine learning typical of machines for the analysis of data, images, examples, texts, etc., combined with the high computing capacity, has offered great opportunities for progress in recent years. This impressive amount of data, today collected and available, must however be understood, managed, and transformed to improve and automate, where possible, production and business processes. Unifying and managing huge amounts of data with maximum security and flexibility will be the key to power the next generation of applications, with a real revolution that will digitize and automate an extraordinary series of operations".


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