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Smarter Hospitals with “Medication Management Platform”
Smarter Hospitals with “Medication Management Platform”

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07 December 2020

Smarter Hospitals with “Medication Management Platform”

The intelligent platform allows to track products, optimize processes and increase security

After a year of development and the involvement of several hospitals, which supported Antares Vision in the concept and specification definition phase, the “Medication Management Platform” project has reached the prototyping phase, which will soon be followed by the testing phase.


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In this perspective, a collaboration with the Advanced Technologies for Health and Wellness Research Center of the IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital, part of the San Donato group, is in progress for experimentation both simulated and in the wards. 


The project “Medication Management Platform” of Antares Vision is therefore ready to revolutionize many organizational aspects in hospital wards, thanks to the provision of high-tech services concerning the management of health processes, the reduction of errors in the administration of drugs, and the improvement of logistics and traceability. 

Antares Vision Smart Ward Platform Project

"Antares Vision is a leader in drug traceability and serialization solutions - the words of Emidio Zorzella -. Strengthened by this experience, we want to expand our vision and follow the flow of information where it finds its final outlet and therefore is more crucial, that is, at the patient who is taking the drug. For us this is a natural path that will lead us to optimize the so-called 'last mile' of the drug, a phase that we consider particularly critical but for this very reason potentially open to significant improvements in terms of traceability, efficiency, and safety of the entire therapy management flow". 


This second phase provides the implementation of the platform in hospital wards, as a 360° solution of medication management:

  • focus on patient care, reducing activities of little value to the patient.
  • maintain end-to-end traceability of the entire process, eliminating errors, optimizing the management of RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and CAPA (Corrective and preventive action).
  • prevent waste and out of stock, with real-time traceability of the inventory of drugs in the department.
  • create an efficient, computerized, and automated environment for all steps with a low value for the patient and 100% integrated with the computerized systems of hospitals, even at the level of electronic medical records.


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