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AI and Life Science: Orobix launches the innovative startup Orobix Life
AI and Life Science: Orobix launches the innovative startup Orobix Life

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05 February 2021

AI and Life Science: Orobix launches the innovative startup Orobix Life

The projects it will be working on include those set up during the first wave of coronavirus to tackle the emergency, like AI-SCoRE (Artificial Intelligence Sars Covid Risk Evaluation)

From the medical sector with the mathematical modelling of blood vessels to the...medical sector with exploiting artificial intelligence algorithms in the Life Science area. Orobix rediscovers its origins and gives life (truly the case) to Orobix Life, the innovative startup that will be developing projects and solutions in the life science segment.


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“From the very start we have been dedicating great attention to developing medical, bio-medical, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical solutions – Manuela Bazzana, Head of Orobix Communications and Marketing told us – We are talking about very complex projects needing exceedingly high R&D support and dedicated teamwork. That is why we decided to create Orobix Life, also thanks to collaboration with Cesare Furlanello, former researcher with the Bruno Kessler foundation.

Orobix Life: Artificial Intelligence innovative startup

This start-up is focussed on applying AI to Life Science and on strengthening the development of these solutions in the medical field, in precision diagnosis and predictive medicine, but also extended to life sciences like veterinary, agricultural and food. Those sectors that are proving to be increasingly more strategic for application of artificial intelligence systems”.

The new structure will also follow and develop projects launched by Orobix and set up to tackle the emergency linked to the coronavirus. AI-SCoRE is among them, which assesses the risk level of Covid19 developing in patients. “During the first wave of the pandemic – continues Manuela Bazzana –, the Cariplo Foundation, the Veronesi Foundation and the Lombardy Region sponsored a bid to finance some research projects. AI-SCoRE, acronym for Artificial Intelligence Sars Covid Risk Evaluation was one of the 27 selected. We then worked in close contact with the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, ASST Bergamo EST, Centro Cardiologico Monzino Spa and Porini Srl, with contributions from Microsoft and NVIDIA. The first stage of the project involved Hospitals in North Italy, hit badly during the first months of the pandemic. They made clinical, demographical and radiological data on about 1800 patients available to us. In this case, the algorithm identified a score indicating how the infection would evolve, in order to avoid overloading hospital structures. The project is now continuing and means to extend and improve the algorithm, add data to the database and collect information in an increasingly more structured way”.


But the objective is international too, with a project using algorithms to manage a rare disease, the polycystic kidney. “This project was launched a few years ago – concludes Bazzana –, and helps nephrologists predict how this disease will progress, thus guide prescribing medicine. But that is not all. It also enables foreseeing how the kidney’s volume will evolve, which is one of the disease’s most important parameters. The algorithm does this automatically. Based on that measurement, the nephrologist can estimate how the disease is evolving, whether it is receding or progressing, to prepare the best care. A project that has attracted the attention of the FDA, whose intention is to recognize through a certification the medical devices integrated with artificial intelligence algorithms. And this could be therefore one of the first in the world. Let's keep our fingers crossed...".


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