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FT System acquires Pen-Tec and Tecnel for an increasingly advanced know-how
FT System acquires Pen-Tec and Tecnel for an increasingly advanced know-how

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08 April 2021

FT System acquires Pen-Tec and Tecnel for an increasingly advanced know-how

The Company consolidates its technological scalability, intensifying the control of the entire inspection process and expanding the portfolio of solutions offered

By perfecting its acquisition of Pen-Tec and Tecnel, FT System can now offer an even more extended range of control and inspection solutions in the Food&Beverage sector. The union of companies’ know-how makes it possible to provide the market with foreign body weight check and inspection systems, to fully meet the needs in every aspect of the production line.


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In this way, in addition to in-line seal and label control solutions for the food sector, checkweighers, X-ray inspection systems, metal detectors, and other innovative combined systems, have been added to provide a more comprehensive response to the need for quality control and food safety.

Food & Beverage X-ray inspection and Metal Detector

Contaminating bodies detection systems

X-ray inspection and Metal Detector systems address the increasing need of companies to maximize product quality and safety. Inserting inspection systems in the production line minimizes product waste by promptly identifying any contaminants and fulfils the strictest quality standards, both international and the more specific ones set forth by large-scale distribution. This protects the end customer from any contaminations, while the company avoids waste and the risk of product recalls, which can be extremely costly. Inspection systems provide maximum safety in detecting various types of contaminating bodies, such as glass, stones, metals, bones, high-density plastic, cement fragments, etc.


Inspection and weight check systems

Inspection and weight check systems represent a fundamental part of the production phase, as their use determines a real optimization of the entire production process.

Inserting a Checkweigher in the production line to inspect and control weight carries several advantages with it:

  • Compliance with standards in force and with the rules set forth by large-scale distribution;
  • Streamlining of production line performance;
  • Waste reduction;
  • Protection of the end consumer;
  • Protection of the company.

In fact, any complaint received either by the bodies or customers would have inevitable economic consequences on the company and the reputation of the brand.

The use of checkweighers, also available in the approved MID versions, really optimizes the production process: all the products are controlled directly on the production line, rejecting products with defects and/or excessive weight; allows performing completeness checks on the packages; the automatic weight check system constantly monitors the progress of the “average filling weight”; verifying the type of failure makes it possible to intervene in the process in real-time, reducing risks and recovering productivity.


Combined solutions: compact and efficient

In the new range of products, combined systems represent a highly revolutionary solution for the sector. The integrated X-Ray Inspection and Checkweigher monobloc units, alongside the more traditional combined Metal detector and Checkweigher systems, provide several economic, quality, and production advantages. The single system with the weighing module integrated with the X-Ray inspection system meets the needs to optimize the available space in the production line since it is a single compact instrument that simultaneously checks weight and detects contaminating bodies at a single point. These are integrated systems that perform the checks both simultaneously and separately based on requirements, also guaranteeing double differentiated rejects depending on the defect detected. There is a clear advantage: the controls are more effective and gathered in a single point of the line, and rejects are reduced. The performance of the individual instruments is further enhanced using customized electronics components, such as a processing unit, sensor, and generator.


Interconnection and Industry 4.0

The new products boast internally developed data collection and reprocessing systems to manage automatically and in a customized way the end of batch data produced by the checkweighers and the images of the contaminated products detected by the X-ray systems, speeding up the processes and reducing risks. This is extremely sophisticated but user-friendly hardware: a single interface for in/out communication with the outside world, guaranteeing safe and centralized transmission of the information.

Today, it is not possible to ignore the total interconnection with external systems that guarantees a mutual flow of information, including recipe change communications, monitoring of instrument status, batch management, control progression, and much more. All the new solutions have been developed in view of consolidating an already strong presence in Industry 4.0 and Business 4.0. Today, by integrating these new inspection systems, we can be even more competitive on the market, offering a complete range of increasingly customized solutions to address all control and inspection needs for each stage of the production process.


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