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The “Safe Beauty” Trend Drives the Restart of the Cosmetic Sector
The “Safe Beauty” Trend Drives the Restart of the Cosmetic Sector

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07 May 2021

The “Safe Beauty” Trend Drives the Restart of the Cosmetic Sector

Quality, transparency, and sustainability with Antares Vision solutions

The post-pandemic cosmetics industry is undergoing major changes that are affecting consumption and is turning to innovative trends in order to start picking up again.


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Consumers are becoming more and more interested in and informed about quality, the origin of ingredients and the sustainability of production processes, but at the same time they are increasingly attracted to the history of a brand and the underlying values of the products they buy.

Cosmetics and Safe Beauty

For instance, Safe Beauty, the biggest trend in the industry, which focuses on health and beauty that go hand in hand in the purchase of “transparent” products, with more attention being paid to brands and to the end-to-end sustainability of the supply chain, not only in terms of the raw materials used but also in terms of production processes and packaging characteristics.


In order to meet these new demands, the Antares Vision Group offers solutions designed for the beauty industry that ensure quality, safety, integrity, and full supply chain traceability. Technology can be used to ensure supply chain transparency and complete traceability of a product’s lifecycle in order to ensure a higher standard of safety and efficiency for brands, subcontractors, and end consumers. The Trustparency® concept reflects this value: building trust through transparency when it comes to products, the supply chain and information sharing. Guaranteeing the origin and quality of ingredients and raw materials, telling the story of a product at every stage of production, providing information about the supply chain, and protecting authenticity are an important part of a brand’s reputation and of its relationship with end consumers. Today, Antares Vision offers a single, integrated and scalable solution to ensure quality, transparency and sustainability.


‘It is undeniable that innovation and research are the two key factors behind the recent developments in the cosmetics industry. The quality and transparency of the personal care products we use on a daily basis is constantly being improved through research and by implementing new technologies aimed at optimising processes and supply chain management. In order to remain competitive in the main global markets, we need to focus on the digitisation process, which can be a true asset: collecting data, transforming them into information and processing them so that they can create value. The result of this is a higher standard of sustainability, resource optimisation and consumer safety,’ says Emidio Zorzella, President and CEO of the Antares Vision Group.


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