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Building Trustparency® in Vaccines Distribution: A Matter of Lifesaving
Building Trustparency® in Vaccines Distribution: A Matter of Lifesaving

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09 June 2021

Building Trustparency® in Vaccines Distribution: A Matter of Lifesaving

The Covid-19 pandemic had surely catalyzed the exponential development and production of vaccines. With one mission: saving human lives.

The supply chain that enables needles to reach arms for saving lives, is still disrupted by many challenges that require a global effort in healthcare context.


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To make it resilient anywhere, many opportunities can be presented to those who had the vision to contribute for ensuring trust in the delivery of safe, efficient, and genuine vaccines to any person. So, it is not too late for any solution provider to help vaccine distribution following the good manufacturing, hygiene, and distribution practices with a best-of breed technologies in Inspection, Traceability and Cold Chain real-time monitoring for securing trust.

Traceability and Inspection for Vaccines Safety

How to help vaccine distribution developing a trustworthy end-to-end supply chain?


It was agreed among all healthcare authorities to use global standards in tracking vaccines’ distribution such as GS1 up to single unit to avoid counterfeiting/diversion and substandard circulation of vials/syringes. For example, a GS1 2D Datamatrix embedding GTIN/GSRN at primary level packaging either using peel-off or graved by laser in glass container or on the cap with UV. Then many vials or syringes are collected into one carton box, imprinting the 2D Datamatrix with GTIN, expiration date, batch number and serial number on the secondary packaging for precise distribution, traceability and recalls management. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) can be another solution for Track&Trace of vaccines in which cold chain distribution monitoring/vaccines traceability can be revealed in real time to the vaccine manufacturer, its distributor, and retailers (hospitals/pharmacies), especially in countries where Track&Trace pharma regulations are not developed yet to avoid counterfeiting and diverted vaccines. It can be well implemented as smart contracts, leveraging platforms such as Hedera[1] or Fantom foundation[2] to connect for a fast, secure, and decentralized governance at a scale.


From the other side, inspection machines can be used to complete the offering solution. Leveraging CCIT technologies for cosmetics defects and leak/foreign particles detection is a must when dealing with sterile products to avoid circulating poor-quality/substandard products that can harm/make inefficient the vaccine submission same as counterfeited ones.


Finally, it is always the right moment to select the right “All in One” Track & Trace and Inspection solution provider as very soon the temporary exemptions for Covid-19 vaccines will expire but the production will never stop with the variants over years and years at global scale. 


As Antares Vision Group, we are a global solution provider in Inspection and Track & Trace complemented with Smart Data Management platforms for the big pharmaceutical companies worldwide. With high level of service and expertise, our large portfolio of fully automated machines with agnostic technologies can meet any customer needs. This will save you financial and technical issues that may delay your production for long-term investment. We have in fact designed and already installed machines on the production lines for visual inspection and serialization of the vials and PFS (prefilled syringes), also in integrated mode with Track & Trace to avoid the circulation of substandard or poor-quality products from one side and of course counterfeiting and diversion from the other side. With the application of dedicated and advanced technologies, liquid or freeze-dried/lyophilized products can also be inspected, being adopted in the production of Covid-19 vaccines and we are exploring with IBM and the Linux Foundation, how blockchain technology may further secure along the vaccine supply chain, besides the standard Track&Trace solutions to imprint the GS1 Datamatrix and HRI on every single box/carton, saleable to hospitals or even as peel-off on each single unit. This will allow traceability at a global scale up to patient level, preventing risk of shortage and making the supply chain transparent among all stakeholders.




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