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Digitalization of the Italian agri-food sector: the RurAll project is launched
Digitalization of the Italian agri-food sector: the RurAll project is launched

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03 September 2021

Digitalization of the Italian agri-food sector: the RurAll project is launched

The goal is to make this strategic market more efficient

Accelerating the digital infrastructure of rural areas while leveraging technology to increase the yield and management of land on a large scale, promoting transparency and sustainability of supply chains.


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These are just a few of the objectives of the RurAll project, which is aimed at making the entire Italian Agri-Food sector more efficient, while guaranteeing quality and protecting it from counterfeiting, which is fundamental for the entire national economic system, and consequently all consumers.

Antares Vision Group, B.F. S.p.A., Bluarancio and SDF launch the first digital infrastructures and platforms dedicated to agrifood

The project was created thanks to the meeting held between Antares Vision Group and three strategic partners: BF S.p.A., the most important Italian agro-industrial group, Bluarancio S.p.A., a leading Information Technology company in creating and managing platforms for the Italian agricultural sector, and SDF S.p.A., among the world's leading manufacturers of tractors, harvesting machinery and diesel engines. Together, they have created RurAll S.p.A., a company that will focus on two main aspects.


On one hand, a digital infrastructure of rural areas, which will exploit digital technologies to increase the output and management of land on a large scale (the so-called “Agriculture 4.0”); on the other hand, a digital platform, which uses emerging technologies to manage the end-to-end traceability of agri-food products (from the origin of the raw materials, to their path along the supply chain, right up to the end consumer), with the aim of allowing a “smart label” concept to be introduced, which is able to fight counterfeiting and certify “Made in Italy” productions and the sustainability of the entire supply chain and of the production and distribution processes.

“We are proud to be part of this project that aims to protect our Made in Italy from the field to the table”, Emidio Zorzella said. “Today, the digital transformation process is essential to guarantee the integrity and transparency of the supply chains and the first challenge is to connect the physical and digital worlds. RurAll welcomes skills and specialisations from different fields and which together, can offer value for our country, for agriculture, industry and for all of us”.


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