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An Ecosystem of Solutions for Production and Management of the Supply Chain
An Ecosystem of Solutions for Production and Management of the Supply Chain

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02 November 2021

An Ecosystem of Solutions for Production and Management of the Supply Chain

The collection and interconnection of data from each step of the supply chain contribute to the construction of a transparent and complete supply chain

The digitalization of production systems and supply chains has become a fundamental element of guaranteeing opportunities for innovation in many industries.


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The ability to transform physical processes into data and information opens channels of communication among all stakeholders, ensuring safety, transparency, and sustainability of processes at every stage of the supply chain.

Antares Vision Group CPhI

Antares Vision Group, whose mission is to accelerate technological innovation and digitalization by connecting the physical and digital worlds with the integrated value chain, last week attended CPhI Worldwide (November 9–11 in Milan), one of the most important international events for the pharmaceutical industry, with its ecosystem of production and supply chain management solutions.


Highlighting the synergy of expertise from its companies, Antares Vision showcased a unique ecosystem of technologies and benefits dedicated to the pharmaceutical supply chain. This complete and integrated ecosystem comprises solutions for production, including traceability, quality control with automatic visual inspection machines (the result of a multi-technological approach), and intelligent data management (Efficiency 4.0), and solutions for the end-to-end supply chain, from raw materials to production, from distribution to the hospital and the patient.


“This was the perfect occasion for us to highlight ourselves as a partner and single point of reference for all stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Thanks to the experience and technological synergies within our Group, we offer an ecosystem of solutions to manage the quality and safety of products and will lead the digital transformation of supply chains”, Emidio Zorzella, CEO and co-founder of Antares Vision Group said.


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