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Aggregation Compliance: Flexibility is Key
Aggregation Compliance: Flexibility is Key

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13 December 2021

Aggregation Compliance: Flexibility is Key

As the next wave of regulatory deadlines comes near, Antares Vision solutions for end-of-line traceability provide opportunities to improve line efficiency, beyond compliance requirements.

Aggregation is the process of building parent/child relations among all the logistic units (item, bundle, case, pallet) based on the hierarchy of serial numbers associated to products. By scanning the code of an aggregated container, we can identify all the items included.


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It is mandated by several national regulations (eg. USA, Brazil, Russia) and is currently pushing the massive upgrade of packaging equipment within pharmaceutical plants according to the final market destination of products. While this task represents a challenge involving IT, operations, and supply chain executives, it is also strongly accelerating two major benefits for the whole industry.

Antares Vision Pharmaceutical Aggregation Compliance


    One benefit is related to efficiency improvements. After analyzing the existing packaging processes and workflows, aggregation hardware and software is contributing to reorganize line configurations. In some cases, brand new solutions are co-designed to make the process even more efficient.
    In a fully automatic process based on bundling machines, case packers and robotic palletizers, Antares Vision hardware solutions can be integrated on any kind of equipment and conveyors with different camera sets and functionalities to match high line speeds, as well as critical space constraints, while aggregation software can be configured to any specific packaging recipe or workflow.
    On the opposite end of the spectrum, for packaging lines mostly based on manual operations, modular packing stations can provide improvements both in ergonomics and productivity – with optional semi-automatic units such as print & apply modules and case tapers – while user-friendly software functions ensure that all mandated operations are executed.

    As for the other benefit, aggregation solutions provide a higher visibility over the packaging process and ultimately the integrity of data: by controlling traceability operations across the entire line – and at plant level as well – Antares Vision software can also manage multi-vendor serialization environments, identifying any errors and guaranteeing safe and consistent aggregation operations.


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