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ACHEMA 2022: AV GROUP will be there with the PFS automatic inspection
ACHEMA 2022: AV GROUP will be there with the PFS automatic inspection

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25 July 2022

ACHEMA 2022: AV GROUP will be there with the PFS automatic inspection

ACHEMA is the World Forum for the Process Industries, a fair with 150,000 attendees from 150 countries

When ACHEMA opens its doors at the Frankfurt/Main exhibition centre from August 22nd to 26th, 2022, Antares Vision Group will be there, to be precise, in Hall 3.0, Stand B4.


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ACHEMA will be the ideal stage to finally present our products and systems solutions live and in person to our customers from all over the world. During the exhibition, we will present the solutions part of our comprehensive ecosystem: inspection systems, inspection machines, Track & Trace, Supply Chain Transparency and Digital Factory.

Antares Vision Group at ACHEMA 2022


To guarantee product quality and safety, at ACHEMA 2022, we will show an automatic visual machine for pre-filled syringes for the first time.

The Antares Vision Group VRI-VI060S series achieves the highest quality standards through an advanced Automatic Visual Inspection Machine that detects particles, cosmetics, and filling level defects. It also conducts container closure integrity testing with integrated high-voltage technology that detects leakages that may affect a product’s guaranteed sterility.

This fast, smooth handling system minimizes the risk of product breakages and scratches thanks to individually motorized grippers and guide-less conveying with vacuum-operated starwheels.

The VRI-VI060S series can handle glass and plastic PFS and guarantees 100% quality inspections with suspensions and waterlike or viscous products.

Its continuous motion reduces vibration during transport, allowing advanced speeds of up to 600 pcs/min.


The machine has a flexible, modular design that allows an advanced level of customization, including a double carousel:

  • The main carousel can be used for key inspections;
  • The secondary carousel completes the barrel inspection to guarantee a complete PFS inspection.

This solution is designed to receive syringes in the infeed area, suspended from a flange on a gravity rail with the needle pointing downwards. The approved syringes are then released in the same position on a similar gravity rail. Denesting and/or renesting can also be integrated if a no glass-to-glass contact solution is required.



  • Can handle both glass and plastic PFS from 0.5 to 20ml (max diameter 24.0mm);
  • Maximum speed up to 600 pcs/minute;
  • Waterlike, Suspensions & Viscous Products;
  • High Voltage Leak Detection in Carousel;
  • Denester / Renester.



  • Non-glass-to-glass contact;
  • Automatic re-inspection;
  • AI Integration.


Click here for more information about Antares Vision Group's solutions at ACHEMA.

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