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Fungo & Tartufo


Fungo & Tartufo is a company based in Travagliato in the province of Brescia. Born in the 70s, have always dealt with truffle-based specialties. Through their growth, they have approached a series of new changes and demands. However, the willing to communicate to customers the quality of all theproducts, that are exclusively sourced in Italy, has never changed.

The challenge

To ensure that every customer can access product information which guarantees the true product quality of ingredients exclusively sourced in Italy.

The solution

To maintain the Fungo & Tartufo high standard of production, Antares Vision has implemented a solution which offers the possibility - by scanning a QR Code applied to each single unit sold - to access complete product information, guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction and supply chain transparency.

Viviana Ferrari Fungo & Tartufo for Antares Vision

“Thanks to the technology by Antares Vision, we are able to trace every package throughout its lifecycle, locating each single unit geographically in real time.” – Viviana Ferrari, owner of Fungo & Tartufo

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PRODUCT TRACEABILITY all along the Supply Chain
Why Antares Vision?

To maintain the high standard of production, Fungo & Tartufo has decided to rely on Antares Vision experience in Track & Trace and Smart Data Management solutions.

Antares Vision technology represents an important innovation for an artisan company like Fungo & Tartufo, and at the same time a brand protection tool, which becomes a competitive lever on the market. The value of a brand, in addition to the peculiarity of the products, today also depends on the security that a company can guarantee, and it is precisely the complete information of all the production and distribution processes of each single unit that represents a distinctive value.

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