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Sanofi Lüleburgaz
Sanofi Lüleburgaz

Sanofi Lüleburgaz


Sanofi Lüleburgaz pharma manufacturing plant is located in the European part of Turkey, 150 km far from Istanbul and Bulgaria border. Its product range covers solid, liquid, semi-solid, injectable liquid, cephalosporin and penicillin forms.

Lüleburgaz is the biggest pharma manufacturing site in Turkey and one of the biggest pharma manufacturing sites in Sanofi IA global network.

The challenge

Soon after the first phase of the Turkish serialization process, Sanofi approached the need to implement Turkey Phase II of Track & Trace and decided to look for a global partner in relation to aggregated solutions.

The solution

All the lines underwent a revamping project with the integration of the existing serialization systems under the Antares Vision architecture and the addition of aggregation stations, by adding new systems or by making integrations into existing packaging machines like case packers, for example.

Thanks to Antares Vision software and hardware suite to manage operations at the warehouse level, Sanofi Lüleburgaz enhanced the management of shipments from the plant to the Turkish distribution center.

Rüştü Bahar Sanofi Lüleburgaz for Antares Vision

"If Antares Vision has responded to the needs of a global solution meeting the requirements of a multinational like Sanofi? The answer is yes, no doubt"Rüştü Bahar, Site Head of Sanofi Lüleburgaz

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IMPROVEMENT of shipment management
LOWER IMPACT on production line
Why Antares Vision?

“Antares Vision is customer oriented, reliable & a valuable business partner with high level of commitment for continuous improvement and providing solutions for their customer needs on time.” - Rüştü Bahar, Site Head at Sanofi Lüleburgaz.

The strong presence of a local partner with Field Service Engineers as well as the skills of the personnel belonging to the Turkish partner of Antares Vision made it possible to respond promptly to all Sanofi’s needs, thus guaranteeing maximum flexibility in the creation of customized solutions.

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