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Uphold Global Pharmaceutical Compliance with Inspection, Track & Trace and Smart Data Management

Pharmaceutical production processes are continuously revised and maintained to ensure the best possible practices are held. Although these controls are in operation at different levels throughout the world, the goal remains the same – to deter counterfeiting and protect the public. Medicinal products must conform to regional and international practices such as product and packaging inspection and then be identified from the point of production to the point of dispense. These are only the basic global requirements. By implementing more advanced controls in the form of Inspection, Track & Trace and Smart Data Management, you are preparing for international compliance and therefore can anticipate production growth. We can show you how to fight against parallel productions which are jeopardizing public health and wellbeing, protect your brand and safeguard your future productions efficiently with minimum line impact.

Quality and Safety in Pharma Industry


Packaging and product controls have been challenged due to the level of production processes. Our Inspection Systems have been designed to operate with high volume product influx to ensure that every single saleable unit has been thoroughly checked, approved and released into the supply chain in an immaculate, safe state.



Global regulatory compliance is in force to protect the public from falsified medicines entering the supply chain. Counterfeiters are continuously advancing their methods to sustain production. These productions are not only illegal, but they can also be life threatening if administered. Fight against counterfeiting for higher product traceability with serialization and aggregation for the complete control of your supply chain.

Pharmaceutical production efficiency


Your traceability practices produce a huge amount of data that can be utilized in a smart way. Take advantage of this disposible data and leverage your investments with our smart data management solution AVionics, to ensure the best possible practices for future production.


Global regulation requirements for the safe production and distribution of pharmaceutical products demand continuous evaluation. Ensure production lines are constantly and consistently meeting the legal requirements necessary for uninterrupted trade and invest in the future of your company. Company growth is dependent on future regulation anticipation and can also be a bargaining tool for potential customers and investors. Don’t get left behind – be ahead of your game and keep on top of global regulations.