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Making Sense of Scenarios

Industry developments are moving faster than ever and there’s no better time to become part of the discussion. Welcome to the Antares Vision blogosfere!

Bulk X-Ray: technology for food product in its raw state
15 September 2021

Bulk X-Ray Inspection: the missing system is now here

We talk about it with Matteo Bandini, Food & Packaging Business Development Manager of FT System.
Analyzing bulk materials such as rice, coffee, legumes, and cereals and being...
unique digital identity for complete traceability of each cosmetics product
09 September 2021

Cosmetic market: a unique digital identity for the complete traceability of each product

Digitalization and sustainability are key elements for the recovery of the sector
In the cosmetic market, digitalization is ready to play a fundamental role to...
The potential of AI in the agribusiness sector
07 September 2021

The potential of AI in the agribusiness sector towards a global perspective in terms of sustainability

Less waste, greater efficiency, more sustainability, and transparency with respect to food safety: these are the five pillars recently shared by all food industries.
The growing population is leading to “undernourishment”: according to the...
Digitalization of the Italian agri-food sector
03 September 2021

Digitalization of the Italian agri-food sector: the RurAll project is launched

The goal is to make this strategic market more efficient
Accelerating the digital infrastructure of rural areas while leveraging...
Antares Vision India Pvt Ltd
14 July 2021

Antares Vision India: Focus on Market Leadership

A new era begins with Mr. Shaunak J. Dave as new MD & CEO
Antares Vision Group aims to attain market leadership in India by appointing...
Antares Vision Group HQ inaugurates the new building
12 July 2021

Antares Vision Group HQ inaugurates the new building

The ceremony took place on July 9 in Travagliato, with the presence of the local Institutions
From this year, in the "calendar of important anniversaries" of Antares Vision...
Inspection of large water containers
01 July 2021

Inspection of large water containers: we discover the innovative automatic solution of FT System

Reduced dimensions and simplicity of integration in line: we talk about it with Lorenzo Narcisi, FT System project development leader
The use of large, rigid plastic containers (jugs) for the distribution of...
Artificial Intelligence in the Next Generation of Pharma Visual Inspection
29 June 2021

Unlocking the Potential of Artificial Intelligence in the Next Generation of Pharma Visual Inspection

Inspection is a particularly challenging and primordial stage in the good pharma manufacturing process to ensure product integrity thus patient safety
The COVID-19 crisis has stressed-out badly healthcare system thus the pharma...
safety of food and beverage products
15 June 2021

Foreign bodies inspection and weight check: the right mix to guarantee a safe product

Let’s talk about safety of food and beverage products with Matteo Bandini, FT System Business Development Manager
To meet the consumer’s growing need for safety of the food and beverage...
Trustparency® in Vaccines Distribution
09 June 2021

Building Trustparency® in Vaccines Distribution: A Matter of Lifesaving

The Covid-19 pandemic had surely catalyzed the exponential development and production of vaccines. With one mission: saving human lives.
The supply chain that enables needles to reach arms for saving lives, is still...
NHRA traceability HUB of Bahrain
07 June 2021

rfxcel with MVC for the safety of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s pharmaceutical supply chain process

The first GS1-compliant system to track its entire pharmaceutical supply chain on a blockchain platform will be provided
rfXcel has successfully implemented an end-to-end traceability hub to monitor...
Antares Vision is "Technology Partner" of 1000 Miglia 2021
03 June 2021

Antares Vision is "Technology Partner" of 1000 Miglia 2021

Emidio Zorzella, President and CEO of the Group: "Two excellences of Made in Italy meet once again”
The Antares Vision Group renews its partnership with 1000 Miglia, the...