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Making Sense of Scenarios

Industry developments are moving faster than ever and there’s no better time to become part of the discussion. Welcome to the Antares Vision blogosfere!

TDLAS: Laser Absorption Spectroscopy for Quality Controls
09 December 2020

TDLAS: Laser Absorption Spectroscopy for Quality Controls

It is possible to know and monitor in a very effective and inexpensive way what happens to the product in terms of maintaining the organoleptic characteristics
Laser absorption spectroscopy, and by this we mean TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser...
Smarter Hospitals with “Smart Ward Platform”
07 December 2020

Smarter Hospitals with “Smart Ward Platform”

The intelligent platform allows to track products, optimize processes and increase security
After a year of development and the involvement of several hospitals, which...
Reshaping Supply Chains
03 December 2020

Reshaping Supply Chains: How to Be Prepared to Deal with Uncertainty

The secret for good supply chains nowadays is to build resilient, fast, and agile ones adapting to any circumstance by shifting even their finished products to meet the high demand.
In the next decade, the three biggest trends that are advancing supply chains...
Antares Vision and Copan for a Research Center in Mechanobiology
30 November 2020

A Research Center in Mechanobiology for the Medicine of the Future

The project is managed by the Departments of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Molecular and Translational Medicine.
Combining the biological and engineering sciences for the study of cellular...
FT System Leak Detection
10 November 2020

Brewing Industry: the Innovative In-Line FT System for Leak Detection in Kegs

The system is based on an innovative application of optical spectroscopy capable of detecting even very small quantities of CO2 molecules coming out of the valve.
Have you ever received a recall from the market because the beer inside the keg...
Inspection Solutions for Safer Products
06 November 2020

Antares Vision and Convel: Groundbreaking Inspection Solutions for Safer Products

A range of solutions designed to cover small, medium, and large formats and to comply with the highest standards of accuracy and reliability in reproducible controls.
Difficult to inspect products can take advantage of latest available...
End-to-End Supply Chain Security to Protect People, Product and Brand
30 October 2020

End-to-End Supply Chain Security to Protect People, Product and Brand: Challenges and Solutions

Risks experienced by the healthcare industry have led many regulatory agencies and governments to mandate requirements for protecting people, product, and brand through the whole lifecycle.
During this pandemic period, the all-important question is how to feed humanity...
New Innovation Center for Antares Vision
26 October 2020

A New Innovation Center for Antares Vision: The Future is here

Opened in collaboration with the University of Brescia, it has been inaugurated on 15th October
Antares Vision has a brand-new Innovation Center, opened last month at the CSMT...
Antares Vision and UCSC machine learning
13 October 2020

Antares Vision invests in the future with Università Cattolica

"We believe it is important to promote a culture that values young talents and offers them stimuli that can help them to reflect in a concrete way on their professional future".
Antares Vision renews its support to future generations of professionals...
Application angle for beverage inspection
08 October 2020

Application angle: beverage inspection reaches a new level

An FT System patent makes it possible to eliminate the possibility of finding bottles that are difficult to open or leak.
It has probably happened to you too: you found the cap on a bottle was not...
Track My Way - Product Digitalization
05 October 2020

Track My Way: The more we know, the Safer we feel

An innovative platform for all markets seeking comprehensive product traceability
The ever-evolving digital transformation is now firmly ingrained in our lives,...
Can smart products sustain supply chain?
30 September 2020

Achieving Together: When your Product is Getting Smarter Enough to Sustain your Supply Chain

How can manufacturers compete when its products and prices are so like many others? The answer is by involving the end consumers as players into the supply chain ecosystem.
Nowadays, any business can face disruption in production due to automation,...