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Making Sense of Scenarios

Industry developments are moving faster than ever and there’s no better time to become part of the discussion. Welcome to the Antares Vision blogosfere!

Solidarity Holidays
13 July 2020

Antares Vision gives the go-ahead to “Solidarity Holidays” for its Employees

Massimo Bonardi: “A heartfelt thanks to the employees who have decided to donate their holidays to those experiencing hardship”
High Frequency Fill Level Inspection
09 July 2020

High Frequency Fill Level Inspection: here’s FT System’s Innovative Design

Smaller footprint and greater versatility to more easily embed fill level inspection into filling machines.
Challenges in the Cosmetic Market
06 July 2020

New Challenges in the Cosmetic Market

Consumers are becoming more and more aware, demanding information on manufacturer processes, ingredients used and general sustainability.
Product Authentication and Brand Protection
03 July 2020

Product Authentication: A two-fold Beneficial Approach to Protect Brand Owners and Consumers

Serialization plays an important role by assigning a unique serial number to each saleable product and enabling all its information to be scanned and verified.
30 June 2020

Antares Vision Welcomes Convel

Convel is active within the sector of inspection machines for the pharmaceutical industry and their main business focus on leak detection for products packaged in glass and plastic containers.
Food quality inspection controls
09 June 2020

“We are what we eat”: a 2.0 Perspective of a Historic Claim

The aim is to develop high quality inspection controls and ensure traceability, giving the end user the full visibility on history and genuineness of the product
Data-Driven Production with AVIONICS
05 June 2020

AVIONICS, how to empower the future with a data intelligence landscape

Real-time analytics provide real time insights for the benefit of any automated production
Track My Health
03 June 2020

Let’s Focus on Safety with TrackMyHealth

Once more, technology offers precious help for a long-term “vision” that aims to look beyond the present to predict future needs.
Label Technologies for Stricter Controls
01 June 2020

Label know-how: new Technologies for Stricter Controls

Labels provide consumers with very important information to guarantee that they can safely consume foods
Empower the Supply Chain
28 May 2020

Smart Data Management: How to Empower your Supply Chain through Digital Transformation

Let’s discover how being a Smart Factory can empower your value chain worldwide.
06 May 2020

We’re starting over, with ideas!

The possibilities offered by technology can contribute towards improving quality of life, the productivity of undertakings, the efficiency of the transport system.
05 May 2020

In-line control of packaging integrity: here are the new sensors

An important innovation that opens new sectors for the application of these non-destructive checks