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06 May 2020

We’re starting over, with ideas!

The possibilities offered by technology can contribute towards improving quality of life, the productivity of undertakings, the efficiency of the transport system.
05 May 2020

In-line control of packaging integrity: here are the new sensors

An important innovation that opens new sectors for the application of these non-destructive checks
Medical Device Regulation
04 May 2020

Medical Device: from a Directive (MDD) to a Regulation (MDR)

A “medical device” is any instrument, appliance, equipment, software, reagent, material or other item intended for use by the manufacturer on humans for one or more medical uses specificat
Product Integrity and Quality Assurance
29 April 2020

Product Integrity and Quality Assurance for Sustainable Supply Chains

Product integrity in the pharma and other basic markets, is a crucial factor to protect your brand and consumers.
27 April 2020

New Strategic Acquisition: Welcome Tradeticity

Founded in Zagreb in 2017, Tradeticity has consolidated expertise and market shares in the pharmaceutical sector, operating on both the domestic market and internationally.
Artificial Intelligence Sustainable Supply Chain
08 April 2020

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Rebuild the Sustainability of Global Supply Chains

Artificial Intelligence can play a differentiated role in not only predicting an outbreak but also in minimizing or stopping its spread worldwide.
Environmental Pollution
06 April 2020

Environmental Pollution: A New, Unforeseen Scenario

A reflection not only on numbers and statistics but also on the good practices that we can all implement to reduce environmental pllution
Brand Protection, People Protection
02 April 2020

Brand Protection, People Protection

Counterfeiting does not simply mean a few people are making money as an isolated black-market venture. Discover why brand protection can avoid possible severe impacts on the market.
Bottle Inspection and 3D Reconstruction
31 March 2020

Bottle Inspection and 3D Reconstruction: Quality and Safety at the Top

Comprehensive integrity bottle check, also using the most innovative technologies, is essential to guarantee product quality and consumer safety, convey trust, attention and reliability.
Aggregation Without Hesitation
26 March 2020

Aggregation Without Hesitation!

Aggregation builds valuable links between units and full cases of products, documenting the packaging process and accurately informing any subsequent handlers.
11 March 2020

Challenges and opportunities from the US Cannabis Market

The projections have increased by 20% and legal medical and recreational sales are expected to reach $30 billion by 2025*.
10 March 2020

ROBO-QCS: An Innovative in-line Automatic System to test the Quality of Products

Emanuele Melloni, Beverage Business Manager of FT System, explains the benefits that can be achieved with ROBO-QCS