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Making Sense of Scenarios

Industry developments are moving faster than ever and there’s no better time to become part of the discussion. Welcome to the Antares Vision blogosfere!

In Line Quality Control for Food
26 April 2022

All-In-One Solutions: The Next-Gen of in-Line Quality Control for Food

«These solutions go beyond and revolutionize the concept of the combined machine», explains Matteo Bandini, Business Development Manager at Antares Vision Group
In the food sector, it will no longer be necessary to have one machine for each...
Smart Agrifood Observatory, promoted by the Politecnico di Milano and the University of Brescia
22 April 2022

Smart Agrifood: Let's Reap the Benefits of Digital Innovation!

A network of research institutions and companies has become the point of reference in Italy for understanding the digital innovations that are transforming the agricultural and agrifood supply chain
On March 15, the fifth conference was held in Milan to present the results of...
Orobix AI-solutions now available on Azure Marketplace
20 April 2022

Orobix AI-solutions now available on Azure Marketplace

Meanwhile, a merger between Tensorwerk, a startup born within Orobix and Grid.AI, a New York-based tech company, has been announced
Microsoft Azure Marketplace customers worldwide will now have access to...
Antares Vision Group Publishes its First Sustainability Report
14 April 2022

Antares Vision Group Publishes its First Sustainability Report

"The implementation of sustainable business practices becomes a virtuous behaviour and an essential competitive opportunity for Antares Vision Group," commented Emidio Zorzella
Antares Vision Group has published its first Sustainability Report...
FT System for bottle quality control
23 March 2022

Beer Industry: FT System's innovative in-line control to detect leaks in bottles

PCS 700 IoT measures the internal pressure in the bottle head space in a non-destructive and non-invasive way
Companies operating in the beer industry may occasionally receive a complaint...
Antares Vision Group Acquires ACSIS Incorporation
14 March 2022

Antares Vision Group Acquires ACSIS Incorporation

"This acquisition will allow us to integrate our end-to-end digital solution upstream and expand our presence into new industries," commented Emidio Zorzella
Antares Vision Group has signed, through its subsidiary rfxcel, an agreement to...
AVG revenues up in 2021 compared to 2020
11 March 2022

Antares Vision Group: revenues up in 2021 compared to 2020

"The year just ended confirmed our positive path in terms of results, enhancement of the solution offering, and brand awareness," commented Emidio Zorzella.
2021 was a year of important growth for Antares Vision Group. The Board of...
Antares Vision Group Training for young people
09 February 2022

Young and digital: Antares Vision Group participates in the “Wau Talentiamo” project

Artificial intelligence, Big Data, and business models at the center of the training path
Train new digital talents to create a bridge of light in the job's world and...
Inline Quality Control
07 February 2022

Micro-holes in Packaging: The new Inline Quality Control

A new application of IR spectroscopy makes it possible to detect in-line, during production, the presence of micro-holes in packaging, thus ensuring package integrity
We are talking about micro-holes in packaging. They cannot be seen with the...
The Layer Cake: What You See Is (Not) All There Is
03 February 2022

The Layer Cake: What You See Is (Not) All There Is

Digital information becomes essential when it uniquely guarantees and certifies authenticity, origin, production methods, tracing along the entire supply chain
Today, markets have new priorities, such as “brand protection” and...
GCA Chooses Applied Vision for Glass Container Inspection
01 February 2022

GCA Chooses Applied Vision and Its Volcano® Systems for Glass Container Inspection

Applied Vision offers advanced inspection technologies, extensive and efficient after-sales service, and timely customer support.
Applied Vision Corporation, part of the Antares Vision Group since 2021, has...
Aggregation Compliance for Pharma Products
13 December 2021

Aggregation Compliance: Flexibility is Key

As the next wave of regulatory deadlines comes near, Antares Vision solutions for end-of-line traceability provide opportunities to improve line efficiency, beyond compliance requirements.
Aggregation is the process of building parent/child relations among all the...