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Supply chain transparency and customer engagement make the difference in enterprise value

Travagliato (Brescia), 26 June 2019 - In less than ten years, Antares Vision has succeeded in establishing itself as a reference and world leader in visual inspection systems, in tracking solutions and in intelligent data management. The Italian multinational company, pursuing its mission to use technology in order to guarantee the integrity of products throughout their entire life cycle, has used its know-how to develop the new TrackMyWay platform. The aim is to protect and guarantee the transparency of the production and distribution chain, through the traceability of processes and products, by offering the possibility of a dialogue among all the players in the supply chain, production, distribution and the final consumer, and by building a relationship of trust.

TrackMyWay offers producers the chance to tell the story of the product by using information that can be objectified through the sharing of data by each operator in the supply chain. Furthermore, it represents a very effective tool for managing recalls, even with a level of detail linked to the single unit sold, minimising the economic impact in the event of critical issues. With TrackMyWay the different stakeholders have access to different types of information, made available by each one of them selectively. All interactions are then recorded and analysed by the system; this analysis results in a series of tools which are useful for monitoring how the single product unit runs through its life cycle up to the time of recycling. 

The consumer, nowadays increasingly aware and attentive, is able to find certified information about the origin of the product, the manufacturing process and the distribution chain, offering a guarantee on the integrity and authenticity of its history, with just a simple smartphone and with the scanning of a unique code applied on the single unit sold or on the packaging. Among the traceability solutions, serialisation (identification of each individual unit sold through a unique serial code) represents a very effective system which allows information to be collected with a high level of detail; besides guaranteeing authenticity, it offers infinite potential for involvement and interaction with the final consumer.

"We are convinced that the TrackMyWay platform can be an important competitive lever for companies that want to stand out in the market and, at the same time, a valuable defence instrument of their own brand - says Emidio Zorzella, CEO of Antares Vision -. From this point of view, the guarantee on the origin and the path of the product is not only an essential safety requirement, but, most of all, a powerful tool of brand value for companies.  This is why we coined the neologism Trustparency®, which sums up in one word how much trust a transparent supply chain can generate, from the raw material to the consumer".

Today the value of a brand, in fact, depends not only on the particular features of the products but also on the security that a company can guarantee through transparent and complete information of all the production and distribution processes of each individual product.  Without forgetting the aspect of counterfeiting, which is a critical issue in many sectors such as that ofFood & Beverage, where the value of the Made in Italy counterfeit market is around 100 billion euros, or that of the Luxury sector, where the counterfeiting market provides a turnover of over 15 billion euros, equal to 21% of the national production. Food, Beverage and the luxury market also represent the most sensitive sectors in response to regulatory obligations, but most of all to the need for social responsibility in doing business in a transparent and sustainable way. 


Antares Vision offers the most complete and flexible solution in the world in visual inspection systems, in tracking solutions and smart data management, by dealing with the product protection process during the products’ life cycle and by developing hardware and software solutions for the most demanding industrial sectors, from pharmaceutical to medical devices, from cosmetics to food & beverage. Antares Vision is present in over 60 Countries worldwide (with a workforce of over 500) and can count on 3 Italian branches (Brescia, Parma, Latina), 7 foreign branches (Germany, France, USA, Brazil, South Korea, India, Russia), as well as a Research Centre dedicated to Innovation in Ireland (Galway). With 20 years of experience in vision technologies, Antares Vision supplies 10 of the world's 20 leading pharmaceutical companies: over 25,000 inspection systems ensure the product’s safety and quality each day and over 2,500 serialisation lines installed all over the world guarantee the tracking of over 5 billion products throughout the entire distribution chain. To support and accelerate the strategic growth path undertaken since its foundation, Antares Vision has decided to proceed with a business combination operation with ALP.I, SPAC promoted by Mediobanca, which led the multinational company to the listing on the Italian Stock Exchange on the AIM Italia market (Alternative Capital Market), dedicated to dynamic and competitive SMEs, on 18 April 2019. 

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