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Cooperation with the Berlucchi wine company is based on the combined use of solutions such as hyperspectral imaging and artificial intelligence-machine learning to guarantee control over raw materials 

Travagliato (BS), 20/08/2019Hyperspectral analysis systems offer endless potential, even in the foodstuff and environmental sector. That is why Antares Vision – the Italian multinational, global leader in visual inspection systems, tracking solutions and smart data management – has initiated innovative experimentation on applying the hyperspectral technology to grapes, among the few in this sector worldwide, jointly with the well-known Berlucchi wine company based in Brescia. 

The research is being carried out in cooperation with the Information Engineering Department of the University of Brescia, together with scientific protocols drawn up by expert agronomists. The main purpose is to monitor grape quality, with periodic sampling which started already back in July, from its organoleptic features to the evolution of the chemical composition in the ripening stage or any presence of botrytis or other moulds. Thanks to the hyperspectral camera – a sort of radiograph to the nth power that penetrates and understands matter in its deepest structure – it is indeed possible to recognise the chemical properties of the objects analysed. The second step of the Antares Vision-Berlucchi project will focus on streamlining the collected data. Machine learning will be used to look for indicators, links and correlations that are not evident to the human eye, in order to obtain invaluable analyses and statistics to further improve the processes and quality of the end product.

“With Berlucchi we have found the ideal partner to develop an innovative grape quality analysis project,” Massimo Bonardi, Antares Vision Technical and Managing Director, said. “Their company is very close to us in every sense, because it is rooted in the region, but also because it is a standard-bearer worldwide for protecting the Made in Italy mark and our fine food and wine heritage. Antares Vision is indeed increasingly applying its twenty-year experience to other sectors, such as Food&Beverage. Our mission includes quality inspection, tracking and protecting the nature of products throughout their life cycle. The best way to do so is through high-profile collaborations with equally leading partners whose success hinges on research and innovation, to offer and guarantee products that are ever more controlled and excellent, along the entire supply chain. With Berlucchi we immediately saw eye-to-eye and we feel confident that this project will allow us to reap very interesting and possibly also pioneering results for winemaking.”

How the hyperspectral camera works

The hyperspectral camera uses a sensor that is not only sensitive to the visible wavelengths of light, but also to the parts of the spectrum beyond the visible (near infrared), which cannot be seen by our eyes. It is also possible to focus the analysis on specific intervals and therefore look for any peculiar information on the light-matter interaction. The camera indeed takes hundreds of photos, whose wavelength is separated by very narrow intervals – also called bands – approximately 4 millionths of a millimetre wide: in the specific case it takes more than 220 photos simultaneously, covering the sensitive working range from 900 to 1,700 nanometres. The object may therefore be analysed in 220 different pictures taken from the same angle: each one differs from the others or otherwise owing to the object’s chemical composition. Certain elements or chemical compounds, indeed, absorb radiation – infrared in this case – differently, hence they characteristically modify the spectrum. The power of hyperspectral technology is not tied to the wavelength band, i.e.

different cameras and different internal sensors may pick up different radiation. That is why this innovative technology has applications in a variety of fields, from geology to biomedical, from the agricultural to the food sector, including forensic investigation as well.

About Antares Vision

Antares Vision guarantees the protection process of products throughout their life cycle by deploying the most comprehensive and flexible technologies in the world – both hardware and software – in inspection systems, tracking solutions and smart data management, for the most demanding industrial sectors, from pharmaceuticals to medical devices, from food&beverage to cosmetics and fashion. The products and services of the Antares Vision group are available in over 60 countries and it has 3 offices in Italy (Brescia, Parma, Latina), 7 foreign branches (Germany, France, Ireland, USA, Brazil, India and Russia), 2 innovation and research centres in Italy and Ireland (Galway) and a network of over 30 partners worldwide. With 20 years of experience in vision technologies, Antares Vision supplies 10 of the world's 20 leading pharmaceutical companies: over 25,000 inspection systems assure the product’s safety and quality each day and over 2,500 serialisation lines installed all over the world guarantee the traceability of over 5 billion products throughout the entire distribution chain. Since April 2019, Antares Vision has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange and on the AIM Italia/Alternative Investment Market for dynamic and competitive SMEs. 

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