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Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

It’s OUR world, let’s keep it safe

Counterfeiting and grey markets are growing issues across numerous industries as the repercussions can have potentially harmful impacts on consumers. Putting the right tools and services in place can ensure product safety, protect your brand and build strong relationships with your customers. 

Many governments have already begun to action regulations in order to reduce the impact of falsified products in order to reach both safety and economical goals. By implementing Track & Trace you are utilizing one of the most efficient solutions to fight counterfeiting.


National authorities have stretched drug tracking regulations in an effort to fight the risk of counterfeit, illegally imported or stolen drugs and tackle the possibility of reimbursement system fraud. As a stakeholder, global regulatory compliance rules ensure broader scopes for production and distribution.

Within the pharmaceutical sector, these regulations have impacted all stakeholders, from manufacturers to logistic operators and dispensers such as pharmacies and hospitals.

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Medical Device

The Unique Device Identifier (UDI) regulation, currently requiring clearer identification of medical devices at batch level, is aimed to improve patient safety and healthcare business processes. We can support you with turnkey solutions both on manual or automatic assembly packaging lines, where the printing and labelling systems are implemented. Codes are scanned by camera systems and stored both at line level or within a plant database.

You can benefit from the advantages of a serialization solution beyond UDI compliance with a unique serial number which is printed on each saleable unit, allowing its identification on the production lines in the warehouse and across the distribution chain down to the end user.


The HACCP, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, and the ISO 22000 standards, are used to control the wide variability in food quality found among different nations. Additional regulatory requirements and adjustments will continue to be implemented as the market demands continue to change. Consumers are now becoming more aware of their food sources and ethics, challenging the food and beverage industries to introduce innovative technologies as these demands develop.

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Efforts from the Russian regulatory authorities aiming to fight the production of counterfeited products demand the compliance of unit serialization based on a concept of unique identifiers - together with container aggregation. Other industries have begun this practice, which suggests a production protocol evaluation will take place soon. The constant revision of supply chain visibility and monitoring can ultimately play a crucial role in customer wellbeing and the satisfaction of your product. By upgrading current methods of quality control by introducing inspection solutions and introducing a new age of traceability with one of our Track & Trace solutions, you are preparing your company for full transparency, which may include and bring forward any upcoming regulatory compliance.


Our widely acclaimed support network of experts are constantly moving forward with ways for different industries to progress in industrialized scenarios.

Cosmetic consumers are becoming more aware of the ethics of cosmetic production. Unnecessary animal testing, animal welfare, natural ingredient sustainability and fair trading are all very important aspects of cosmetic manufacture. The transparency of these elements are influencing today’s cosmetic consumers. Brand reputation and growth are becoming more and more dependant on the ethical controls behind production. Being able to prove your company ethics with have undeniable benefits for the future of your cosmetics brand.