Cosmetics inspection

Cosmetics inspection

Effective solutions to ensure quality, safety and integrity of all your cosmetics products.

The cosmetics market is a worldwide growth industry, and in parallel, the spread of its counterfeited products is growing too. Counterfeited cosmetics are problematic for customers due to potentially hazardous substances and dangerous levels of bacteria, which obviously pose great health risks and can even cause permanent.

As a global leader for inspection, we develop innovative solutions for packaging quality and the control of your cosmetics products to guarantee customer safety.

Our systems effectively control the articles with respect to the product, for example the labels and printing standards. Each system is supported by a wide range of camera models, which control aspects from  the  traditional  barcode  and  OCR/OCV  verification  of  variable  data  such  as  expiry date  and  lot  number,  to  the  complete  inspection  of  all  packaging. This includes right cap closure, product filling level, orientation of the bottle for labelling, label printing correctness, container layout and cosmetic inspection.

Which control
do we perform?

We can provide checks on your product integrity and packaging control.