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Cosmetics Track & Trace
Cosmetics Track & Trace

Cosmetics Track & Trace

Lifetime Traceability of Cosmetics Products with Track & Trace Solutions

Fake cosmetic products can obviously pose high health risks due to the nature of application. Now, the guarantee of product origin is fast becoming a consumer priority and basis of purchase as it provides a deeper insight and promotes product safety.

Track & Trace is a risk-management tool which allows lifetime traceability of cosmetics products which allows operators and authorities to withdraw or recall products which have been identified as unsafe.

The big challenge today is to enter a new paradigm where the key word is serialization, which means tracking every product thus creating an “identity card” for every single unit. Protect cosmetics products with Track & Trace solutions for the lifetime traceability of your supply chain.


We offer transparency of the supply chain and warranty of raw material origins as a complete service, composed of both hardware and software solutions. Our traceability from manufacturers right until final users combines an interconnected set of data allowing the complete transparency of your products.


Antares Vision offers a wide range of models and options to cover all different product and line requirements.